Superb IT Consulting


What We Do

SayIT Tech Consulting has a proven record of success in providing innovative IT solutions to public and commercial organizations. We specialize in designing and delivering premium IT services in project management, management consulting, staff augmentation and software development support.

IT Consulting

We work with you, our Client, to discuss the nature of your organization and business needs; we listen to, and care about every detail, staying focused on what matters most to you, and not losing sight of how critical your business needs are to your organization. Once the objectives of the organization have been defined, we work with you to identify existing gaps, set measurable goals, and define action strategies targeting the intended outcome. We then propose a business solution that’s right for each Client’s organizational objectives. Our consulting team has the experience and expertise to set realistic timelines, and guide you through the process from concept initiation to closure. You’ll walk away with a business solution and improved processes that meet or exceed your expectations!

Staff Augmentation

We know how daunting the task of finding experienced staff can be to meet every aspect of your organizational goals. We assist our Clients with resource planning and forecasting relative to project planning and current resource availability by offering outsourced staffing solutions.

Our services include analyzing resource needs, and recommending appropriate courses of action that will bring the most value to your organization. We work with you to effectively perform resource management functions scaled to your organization’s size and needs.

Whether you require IT resources long-term or short-term, SayIT Tech Consulting commits to working with our Clients to align the right resources to the appropriate business initiatives, resulting in improved business performance!

Staffing Skillsets Include:

  • Application Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Database Administration
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Infrastructure/Security

Technology Services

SayIT Tech Consulting’s core technologies are in Healthcare implementations, technology upgrades, and business/operations support. The cornerstone of SayIT Tech Consulting is its project management approach to delivering Healthcare IT solutions. Our approach to project governance combines proven frameworks, tools, and methodologies for managing projects through the full life cycle from concept initiation to closure; but we don’t stop there; upon successful deployment, we continue to work with our Clients post implementation, ensuring each Client has the tools and support needed for continued success. When you partner with SayIT Tech Consulting, you can rest assured-we’ve got you covered!

Delivering IT Systems Faster …is what we do!!

Our technical team is second to none delivering IT systems faster and cleaner. We collaborate with our Clients throughout the project allowing them to provide input while developing their business solutions; we start by breaking the project down into manageable iterations of work allowing the team to focus on manageable development, testing, and internal collaboration. Conducting testing in iterations means bugs get identified and solved more quickly and Clients see working software in a shorter timeframe. This approach allows us to provide continuous agile delivery of valuable software, meeting Client expectations until the project is implemented into production.

Core Technologies

Digital Media Communications in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations today use both digital media communications and social marketing in their approach to promoting or “marketing” healthcare to the public.

SayIT Tech Consulting works with its Healthcare Clients to provide project management support and technical expertise across key areas of their digital media application development projects from initial planning and staffing, to wireframe design and development, usability, security, marketing, deployment, and operations support.

Program Integrity and Data Analytics in Healthcare

Program Integrity is that set of initiatives, policies, systems, and best practices directed at the detection and prevention of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Healthcare to ensure Federal and State dollars are properly spent.

We work with our Healthcare Clients to assist in the identification and management of program integrity initiatives and data analytics supporting the reduction of fraud, waste, and abuse. We accomplish this by providing project management and application development support for our Clients’ mission critical business needs from initial planning and staffing, to software design and development, deployment, and operations support.

Medicaid and Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provides funding to States to develop, upgrade, and maintain the information technology (IT) systems used to administer state Medicaid programs and other services such as Pharmacy Benefit Management, and Electronic Document Management systems to their State Medicaid and Pharmacy Recipients.

SayIT Tech Consulting works with its Healthcare Clients to provide project management and application development support across key areas of their Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) implementations from initial planning and staffing, to software design and development, deployment, and operations support.

Whether it’s digital media, big data analysis or claims processing business initiatives, we translate, visualize,
and convert business requirements into business solutions enabling business stakeholders to make well informed decisions
with regard to their organizational practices and dollar investments.

NAICS Codes: 541611, 561311, 561312, 561320, 561330, 541511, 541512
DUNs Number: 080565572